Layaway Payments
On Your Terms

Avve works with you so you can make worry-free and hassle-free large or small purchases.


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After account registration, Avve automatically processes payments on a previously agreed upon schedule using the payment method of your choice. When all payments are complete, the seller will be notified and your purchase will be shipped directly to you.

Still curious how Avve works? Find out more in our FAQ.

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Why pay with Avve

Unlike traditional layaway plans and credit cards, all you need to buy with Avve is to sign up.

The price you see at checkout, is the price you pay, there are no strings attached or surprises. For your convenience, payments are always 100% secure and can be made using debit or credit.

Avve vs. Other Payment Plan Methods

Avve Second Party Payment Plans Credit Cards
No applied Interest
No Credit Check Required
Automated payments
Pay at your own pace
No Hidden fees
Custom Payment Schedule Option
No financing